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Social Marketing Strategies for Writers: Blog Platforms

Susquehanna Writers Internet Marketing (SWIM) meets in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. We have met four times since my last post on their progress. Several of us have installed blogs, the core components of our web social marketing strategies. More than that, we’ve posted our first blog entries and Google has already indexed them. We’ve gotten in deep!

Because we’ve done so much, it’s not practical to include all the details in a single post. So, over the next and weeks, I’ll try to write several short posts that report on specific tasks we’ve performed. These posts will both chronicle our progress and serve as “cheat sheets” for class participants.

Hosting Our Blogs

Four meetings back, we signed up with hosting services. I recommend hosting with a company called Hostgator for many reasons. The most important of those reasons is that when you use a paid host, you can install a WordPress blog and still add other components to your web site. The WordPress installation on a hosting service is very flexible; it can handle whatever plugins and themes you feel are appropriate for your presentation.

Alternatively, you can create a blog on a free service such as Blogger or For SWIM, I asked people using a free service to stick with so their blog control panel will be similar to control panels of folks hosting their own WordPress installations.

I’m very confident about getting excellent Google ranks for blogs we build on our own domains using the WordPress software. We can also succeed with a free blog, but it’s likely to take longer.

Social Marketing Strategies Include Good SEO

We’ve been learning to work with social media in parallel to learning how to lay a great foundation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As we deploy blogs, our goal is to position them to get great Google love. We’re also going to participate on social networks to invite people to our blogs.

Through brilliant social networking, you can build a huge loyal following and this may be all you need to be successful online. But a well-tuned blog could draw as many visitors from search engines as you can attract through social media sources. Happily, working with social networking sites is an important way to tune your blog in the eyes of the search engines. In other words, there’s considerable overlap between SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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