Beyond Social Marketing Strategies: Is Your Company Ready?

While this blog is primarily about social MARKETING strategies, I’m a great fan of exploiting social media wherever it can improve business processes. Of course, as a business analyst, I’m a fan of improving business processes… using whatever tools fit the need.

One of the conundrums of delivering technological solutions to business process problems is that the very “best fit” products—even custom-built products—sometimes fail miserably. The reason, quite often, is corporate culture.

Internal Uses of Social Media

In ten minutes of brainstorming, your managers could probably think up three dozen ways your company could benefit from using social media internally: Wikis could store customer-support solutions, maintenance procedures, manufacturing techniques, and design histories. Discussion forums could track planning, design, conflict-resolution, progress, and more. Blogs managed by various functional areas of the company could replace the internal corporate newsletter and keep employees better informed about the company’s activities.

However you imagine using social media internally, your company needs to come to grips with the question: can your corporate culture handle it? It’s possible but unlikely that when you enable social media, everyone will jump onboard and your company will zoom into overdrive. More likely, you’ll hit dozens of road bumps and, it’s quite possible things will go very badly. You can probably think of at least one company where management is so incompetent that unleashing social media would result in calamity.

Please consider your corporate culture carefully before jumping into social media. This link leads to an article that will help evaluate whether your company is ready to deploy social media for internal use:

Can Your Corporate Culture Handle Social Media?

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